Please read what candidates and school administrators are saying about the premier placement service for independent schools in the South.

I have always enjoyed working with Southern Teachers. In our school, as in most, the person responsible for faculty recruitment wears many hats. Southern Teachers send us only the potential candidates interested in our school and therefore saves us much, much time. But more than that, the placement officers are very honest and thorough; they know their candidates and are willing to answer any questions we might have about a candidate.

Cathy Sgroi
Head of School
Tappahannock, VA
St. Margaret’s

I highly recommend Southern Teachers to fellow teachers that are looking for a job in the world of independent schools. Southern Teachers opened for me a world of possibilities that I would never have been able to find on my own. Through their hard work, and diligence, I was able to land my dream teaching job. Overall, I cannot say enough good things to say about ST. It is not an exaggeration to say that they changed my life!

Kerry Hofmeister
Atlanta, GA

Southern Teachers is the main reason I'm currently employed—at the school of my dreams, no less! It was a very easy process, and my counselor walked me through everything I would need to get the work I want. She was my advisor and advocate, and I'd still be living at my parents' house without her.

Maxine Donnelly
Dacula, GA

Southern Teachers worked really well for me. I worked with two placement agencies and the service at Southern Teachers was vastly superior. My counselor stayed in regular contact with me and helped me find a great job at Norfolk Academy.

Robert Call
Norfolk, VA

My experience with Southern Teachers could not have been any smoother. Jamie really took the time to get to know me and to find out exactly what I was looking for. Southern Teachers only sent my information to schools they felt were a match on both ends. Any time an opportunity opened, I was able to have an actual conversation about the school and job before I applied. I am now at my dream school in my dream job all thanks to Southern Teachers.

Ryan Berens
Carrolton, TX

I took a chance on starting a job search very last minute at end of last school year and beginning of summer, at a time when no one was likely hiring, and I got very lucky and landed in the job of my dreams! I had contacted Adam Peichert (I taught him back in the day at St. Paul's and we have worked together in recent years as I was Dept. Chair in my old school and we worked on searches together) and let him know I was looking but didn't feel it was likely to find anything in June for September. As it turns out, Adam was on the job, he connected me with a newly posted opening, went to bat for me, and here I am at Gilman School!! It is a great match and I am very grateful.

Joan Hurley
Baltimore, MD

George Andrews and Southern Teachers were absolutely essential to my hiring here at Christchurch School. I love my life and position here and wouldn't be here without your help. I would recommend Southern Teachers to anyone. Thanks for everything.

Mark Viser
Christchurch, VA

Southern Teachers made finding a teaching job simple, but direct. Even as a fresh college graduate, I was treated with respect and professionalism to find the right fit for myself, and quickly. I am still at the school they paired me with and love it! I feel like Southern Teachers not only paired me with a school that fit my requirements and preferences, but made sure I fit the school's so we'd get along great. Absolutely recommend!

Max Hotkowski
Alexandria, VA

I have deeply appreciated the personal attention provided by Southern Teachers. The individuals who work at Southern Teachers take the time to learn about the schools and the candidates they represent, and they take the time to check in with the school over the course of a search. I have appreciated the responsiveness to questions that I have had as well as the proactive check-ins from the staff without my even having to reach out. As a result of the hard work by Southern Teachers, we have been very successful in finding several teachers and administrators through this company in past years. We thoroughly enjoy our relationship with this company and its dedicated staff!

John McWilliams
Head of School
Montgomery, AL
Montgomery Academy

Wilson Hall has been pleased to have partnered with Southern Teachers for decades. When I search for an employee with specific talents, Southern Teachers is always my first choice. I have yet to interview a candidate that wasn't very qualified and fully vetted by their staff. Trained company employees offer candid opinions in an effort to ensure that any placement is a victory for everyone involved. Southern Teachers is also unique in that they know their educational clientele. The company invests in your school and becomes your partner in helping ensure the success of your newest employee.

Frederick B. Moulton
Sumter, SC
Wilson Hall

I have worked with Southern Teachers for more than fifteen years. I view our relationship as a partnership. In fact, Carey travelled to our (very rural) campus in order to get a personal taste of life at Oak Hill Academy, helping secure for us the best possible placements for our school. During the hiring process, our location and considerable mission mandate careful consideration from all parties. In so many ways, the assistance of Southern Teachers has proven to be timely and helpful to me and our school.

Michael D. Groves, Ph.D.
Mouth of Wilson, VA
Oak Hill Academy

It has been a pleasure to work with Southern Teachers, which we have done for many years now. They know Saint James very well, visit campus regularly and stay in good touch with our Associate Head and with me as headmaster. As a result, they present us honestly to their candidates and promote us with enthusiasm. They also do a particularly good job preparing their candidates for the interview process, get to know them more substantially than is typical for placement agencies, and present them honestly to us. Finally, their candidates have been well placed with us: they have been happy here and have done, and are doing, very good work.

Rev. Dr. D. Stuart Dunnan
Hagerstown, MD
Saint James School

Southern Teachers provides a great avenue for me to easily view candidates’ qualifications. The platform they use to provide us with resumes, recommendation letters, and video previews are a tremendous help. When I need a position filled, I always reach to Southern Teachers first.

Liz Boyd
Faculty Recruitment Coordinator
Johns Island, SC
Charleston Collegiate School

I consider Southern Teachers one of Gaston Day School's most trusted and valuable friends and partners. The agency has consistently provided us with good teachers over my last 16 years here as head of school. On rare occasions, a candidate that we have selected from Southern Teachers has not worked out. But that is often in a highly competitive discipline, and our choice has as much to do with a limited talent pool as it does with Southern Teachers doing anything wrong. Overwhelmingly, Southern Teachers supplies Gaston Day with great teachers. It should be tremendously satisfying to Carey and his team to realize that Gaston Day School's success is partly their success. As I think about all of the graduates from independent schools across the South who have been taught by a great teacher who came from Southern Teachers, I am convinced that ST is fulfilling an extraordinarily valuable role in the region's education and future.

Richard Rankin
Head of School
Gastonia, NC
Gaston Day School

Southern Teachers is one of the easiest placement organizations I have worked with. You and your staff are accessible, supportive, and sustain a high level of engagement and service with regard to providing me candidates to look at. Your web portal is easy to navigate, simplifying my process for reviewing candidates, and the video introductions of candidates is a real plus.

Garhett Wagers
Houston, TX
St. Mark's Episcopal School

We appreciate the close personal connection that Southern Teachers has with their candidates and with our school. On several occasions, we’ve been able to contact our friends in Charlottesville (or they have proactively reached out to us) with the perfect fit for one of our openings. Over the many years of working together, I have come to trust that Southern Teachers knows our school, our culture and can help us advance our mission with the very best faculty hires. In our totally wired world, it’s nice to be able to count on a personal relationship with a company that will invest the time and resources to ensure that others are successful.

Christopher Post
Baltimore, MD
Boys' Latin School

One of the services that Southern Teachers does well is to get to know the school they represent. Over the years I have hired many people, but the critical thing that Southern Teachers does is assign a counselor to each candidate and do prescreening. They know the school and they get to know the candidates to see if they are a good fit ahead of time. That type of service saves a lot of time in the culling-through process. The other added bonus is the relationship built between Southern Teachers’ consultant staff member and the school. They become a colleague because they know schooling and administration. I highly recommend ST.

Rick Burslem
Head of School
Lexington, KY
Lexington Christian Academy

I have always found the Southern Teachers to be very responsive to my needs, and the needs of Chatham Hall, as I move through the hiring process each year. The consultants are easy to get hold of and when I post a position, it is not unusual to receive a phone call shortly thereafter to talk specifics. Southern Teachers make it their business to get to know the schools whom they are helping through the process. We have hired many teachers through Southern Teachers, and have never been disappointed. The agency has also been very helpful with last minute hiring situations.

Martha Griswold
Academic Dean
Chatham, VA
Chatham Hall

I am ever grateful for the help Southern Teachers has provided Foxcroft as we search for outstanding teachers who also love working with high school students. Southern Teachers takes the time to understand our school's mission, ethos and strategic goals, and provides personalized support to make a good match for the teacher candidate and for Foxcroft.

Cathy McGehee
Head of School
Middleburg, VA
Foxcroft School

My experience with Southern Teachers was, in short, excellent. I worked with Adam Peichert, and was extremely impressed with the support I received from him, and greatly appreciative of it. Adam was very responsive. When I had questions or was looking to discuss the way ahead, it was clear that he worked very hard to make himself available to me. He returned emails and phone messages very promptly. While I am certain that he was busy supporting many candidates, he was always very gracious about giving me his full attention. That sort of support was huge to me. In addition, I appreciate his advice and insights regarding navigating the process. Bottom line: it was wonderful to work with such great professionals, and I benefited greatly from Southern Teachers' supportive approach and expertise. I feel very fortunate to have worked with you all.

Jonathan Wagshul
Rome, GA

Southern Teachers has been a great long-term partner in our hiring. You and your staff have taken the time to know our school and its culture, and while that takes time and effort, building that relationship has allowed you to send better candidates to us.

DuBose Egleston
Head of School
Charleston, SC
Porter-Gaud School

Jamie Estes and Carey Goodman were wonderful advocates when I decided to seek out possibilities for a new position. From the first time I talked with Southern Teachers and met with Jamie and Carey in the summer of 2014 until my placement in June of 2015, their services were thorough and invaluable. Since that time, Southern Teachers’ support has continued, and its advocacy has extended far beyond the original placement. Southern Teachers’ resources have been a powerful tool in adapting to a new school.

Rick Seay
Head of School
Hickory, NC
Hickory Day School

With the help of Southern Teachers, I was able to find employment opportunities before graduation and without a teaching degree! Not only did my job counselor help me find a job right out of college, but he continued to assist me find another job as I moved to a more permanent place. Southern Teachers—thank you for helping me find where I belong and supporting me as I develop my passion for teaching!

Alyssa Walzak
Martinsburg, WV

Southern Teachers' human touch is one of the main reasons for my current success. Southern Teachers and my placement counselor George were approachable, warm, and involved in my search. The high quality effort put into my candidacy coupled with enthusiasm and frequent support made a noticeable impact on finding a position I love. Southern Teachers' one-on-one attention makes a big difference: from creating my profile, evaluating opportunities, and even phone conversations during on-campus interviews to talk through my thoughts during the process. I'm overjoyed at the teaching position I found with their help, and I don't think I would have been as successful without them.

Chris Brandon
Roanoke, VA

Southern Teachers gets to know schools—the culture, the personalities, the way a faculty works together. They maintain a relationship with schools. So when I review a teacher or administrator candidate from Southern Teachers, I know straight away that the fit between educator and school has been considered meaningfully. Many great educators here at Blue Ridge School were referred through Southern Teachers and I’m grateful for the relationship we have with the good folks at Southern Teachers.

Trip Darrin
St. George, VA
Blue Ridge School

I have always found Southern Teachers to be a great resource for hiring new teachers. They are professional and do a great job of connecting us with candidates that are a great fit not only for the position that we have available, but also for the culture of our school and the surrounding area. I have worked with a number of school search agencies and my experience is that we most often hire Southern Teachers candidates in large part because Southern Teachers understands who we are and what we are looking for so well.

Matt Ormiston
Middle School Director
Warrenton, VA
Highland School

I would like to recognize Southern Teachers for their commitment to supporting young educators. My advisor, Liz Savage, embodies this, and provided—on a consistent basis—a counsel one does not encounter much in this hyper-competitive world: the notion that my dreams, priorities, and decisions mattered as I looked for a teaching job. I found an excellent school through her efforts and Southern Teachers' reach and, though I am often loathe to compare companies or make any kind of recommendations online, I can say with the utmost confidence that ST provides an exemplary service to those hoping to serve America's youth.

Preston Miller
Warrenton, VA

What I value most about working with Southern Teachers is how well they know Foxcroft, so when they are referring candidates they are looking for people they know will be the right match for our students and our community.

Courtney Ulmer
Academic Dean
Middleburg, VA
Foxcroft School

When I returned to the US after years of teaching abroad, I tried to continue my teaching career back home. There seemed to be a lot of obstacles to getting a teaching position. It was going to take time and I was going to have to jump a lot of hurdles. I was substituting, tutoring, but I couldn't get a full-time job. It was disappointing and I was close to giving up on teaching and starting a new career. After reaching out to Southern Teachers, they interviewed me and were confident that they could find a place for me. Within a short time, they found a really good fit that met a school's needs as well as my own! I will always be grateful for the way they were able to take my case, see what I could contribute to a classroom, and find a place for me to be an educator.

Derek J. Whitefield
Oak Ridge, NC

I am so grateful to Southern Teachers. The staff took into consideration all my preferences, and I felt a connection with every school where I interviewed. I was confident my file was going to schools that were a good fit. They made the entire process so easy, given that I only had to do one full application. They also gave tips and advice and had the resources available to post a video resume. I felt I could rely on my representative. She was quick to respond when I contacted her. Now I'm teaching in an amazing school, and I consider myself very fortunate in my placement. Thank you, Southern Teachers!

Kathleen Rickards
Nashville, TN

I do appreciate the great work done by Southern Teachers assisting me in my search for the right school. Jamie was so helpful and kept encouraging me at times when I was not hearing anything in regard to the position. It has been a great fit for me and I trust for my new school! I would highly recommend Southern Teachers to anyone seeking a new place of service.

Cliff Williams
Richmond, VA

Southern Teachers distinguishes itself by providing hands on assistance with potential candidates freeing up time for the school’s Human Resources person to take care of other tasks. The hiring process is time-intensive and to get an extra pair of hands during this time is wonderful. Someone at ST has personal interaction with the candidate and it shows from the feedback they are able to give the hiring committee.

Marty Durham
Director of Operations and Human Resources
Naples, FL
Seacrest Country Day School

Southern Teachers takes the time required to get to know its candidates and to understand the specific needs and dynamics of the schools with which it works. Through many searches and many years, ST's team has been consistently thorough, responsive, candid, and professional.

Pat Cuneo
Director of Academic Affairs
Athens, GA
Athens Academy

Southern Teachers helped me find a teaching job right out of college. My placement counselor was able to answer any questions I had, took the time to understand my career goals, and provided me with opportunities I wouldn’t have found on my own. It was a very positive experience. I communicated weekly with my counselor, and he was genuinely interested in my interviews and job search progress. He gave me interview tips and told me about previous experiences other people had. New to the education field, I never felt abandoned or unsure about any steps. He checked up on me every step of the way to ensure I would be successful. I would recommend Southern Teachers to anyone of any education background with any amount of teaching experience who is even slightly interested in teaching.

Kevin Dong
Miami, FL

Thank you for your hard work and attentiveness throughout the process. I will always remember last night’s phone conversations (after hours, no less!) It was exactly what I needed to help guide me towards a final decision. It’s the perfect example of why, when I was looking for work in private schools, I decided to register with Southern Teachers and only with Southern Teachers.

Elizabeth Barron
Wilmington, DE
Tatnall School

My experience with Southern Teachers Agency was phenomenal. I found the ad online, and though I was initially hesitant to apply, it turned out to be the best decision for me and my job search! The application process was straightforward and the website was easy to navigate. Furthermore, the communication between me and my agent, Abby Hall, was seamless. She made the process enjoyable and made me feel as though I had a partner who was just as dedicated to my job search as I was. Not too long after my application packet was sent out, a school reached out to me and moved forward quickly through the interviewing and hiring process. Southern Teachers gets the credit for helping me land my preferred teaching position at my ideal school. Thanks STA!

Denise Smith
Landover, MD

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