Southern Teachers is the premier agency for schools in the South because of the work of our talented team.

Rick Betts
Georgia Consultant
Tom Brereton
Mike Broderick
Senior Placement Counselor
Deidre Brown
Ali Buchanan
Recruitment Coordinator
Rod Chamberlain
Director of Consulting
Joe Coleman
Virginia Consultant
Jamie Estes
Director of Searches
Lorri Freitas
Director of Teacher Placement
Bea Fuller
Rich Gehman
Florida Consultant
Carey Goodman
Maggie Goodman
Warren Gould
NC & SC Agent
Tim Green
Athletics Consultant
Sunny Herold
Office Assistant
Craig Jones
Administrative Counselor
Bill Leonard
Language Assessor
Colin Manning
Placement Counselor
Kirk McClintock
School Agent
Chrissy McDaniel
Search Coordinator
Ralph Nesbit
Autumn Nolen
Search Coordinator
Caleb Nolen
Placement Counselor
Sandra Pollock
School Agent
Tom Stevens
DC, MD, & DE Consultant
Pat Taylor
Senior Search Consultant
Ben Topham
Mike Waylett
Financial Consultant

Latest News

  • 2021 Student Art Winners!

    We are delighted to announce the winners of our 12th annual Student Art Contest!  This summer we will mail our SY 2021-22 Art Calendar to more than 2,000 schools around the country.


  • Job Fairs in 2021

    Southern Teachers will hold our Atlanta Job Fair in 2022.

    Saturday, February 5

    All active Southern Teachers candidates are eligible and encouraged to partipate!

    Registration is not yet open.


  • ST Leadership Study

    In our groundbreaking Leadership Study based on assessments of almost 250 sitting heads of school, you'll read about the specific personality traits that distinguish independent school leaders.  Nine reports published serially this fall on topics such as Ambition, Learning Approaches, and Interpersonal Sensitivity.  Does your personality predict your performance?


  • Why an Elephant?

    This majestic creature symbolizes many different things in cultures around the world, but we selected it as our icon because the elephant and the agency have key traits in common.