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Rod Chamberlain
Director of Consulting
An accomplished leader with accreditation expertise, Rod is the ideal director for our consulting services and an empowering, inspiring coach.
Joe Coleman
Virginia Consultant
Long-time Assistant Head of Woodberry Forest, Joe runs head searches in Virginia and searches for other key administrators at schools around the South.
Jamie Estes
Head Searches
Having run 140 searches, Jamie is one of the most experienced consultants in the South and is an unparalleled resource for your school's search.
Rich Gehman
Florida Consultant
With 24 years experience as a Florida head, as well as being a former president of FCIS, Rich is the ideal resource for head searches in the Sunshine State.
Warren Gould
NC & SC Consultant
Warren leads administrative searches in North & South Carolina.
Tim Green
Athletics Consultant
Tim runs searches for ADs and leads Athletics Assessments that help your sports program perform at the highest level.
Craig Jones
Administrative Search
As a veteran head, Craig works with administrative candidates and helps schools find new leaders.
Allison Kelley
Search Coordinator
One doesn't need a Ph.D. to work at Southern Teachers, but brains and diligence are essential. Allison possesses both. And a Ph.D. from UVA, too.
Kirk McClintock
Deep South Consultant
Kirk leads administrative searches in the Deep South.
Autumn Nolen
Search Support
Details, details, endless details. That's what retained searches really are. Autumn helps keep them all straight!
Pat Taylor
Senior Search Consultant
Having worked on over 100 SAIS accreditation teams, Pat is one of the most trusted and well connected search consultants available.
Mike Waylett
Financial Consultant
Mike helps schools find CFOs and Human Resource Directors and conducts Operations Assessments to ensure financial stability.
Cyndy Weldon-Lassiter
DEI Consultant
We're delighted to welcome Cyndy--experienced Head, President of VAIS, NAES Board Member!

Latest News

  • New Administrative Placements!

    We are pleased to announce we have recently placed Allison Forrester as the Director of Learning at St. Margaret's School.


  • We're Hiring!

    Are you interested in helping teachers find great jobs? Southern Teachers is currently accepting applications for a placement counselor in our office in Charlottesville, Virginia.


  • 2022 Student Art Winners!

    We are delighted to announce the winners of our 13th annual Student Art Contest!  This summer we will mail our SY 2022-23 Art Calendar to more than 2,000 schools around the country.


  • Why an Elephant?

    This majestic creature symbolizes many different things in cultures around the world, but we selected it as our icon because the elephant and the agency have key traits in common.