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Southern Teachers is the premier agency for head and administrative searches at independent schools in the South.  Our national (even international) reach enables us to identify compelling candidates, while our sophisticated process and experienced search team allow us to understand your school’s needs and help you hire the right individual for your unique community.  Our array of search models for heads and other administrators suits schools of varying financial means.


Board Development

To aid your school board in development and stability, we offer custom tailored board training sessions. Our consultants bring their decades of experience in independent school leadership—as well as international and school finance experience—to conversations with the Board Chair and Head of School where the focus of the training session is decided. The consultants then lead a case study based half-day session for the Board to meet the needs of your particular school.


Head of School Mentoring

While each Head of School strives to meet the needs of students, teachers, boards and communities, no head is fully prepared to do so from the first day on the job. To help new Heads, and therefore their schools, to reach their potential we have developed our Head of School mentoring program. Over the course of 15 hour-long sessions, our experienced mentors can be a sounding board and support to those facing the difficulties of leadership.


Equity Initiatives

At its core, equity means fairness. In an equitable community, everyone has the resources they need to succeed. We want to help your school identify and eliminate barriers that prevent individuals or groups from fully participating.

Southern Teachers has developed a suite of tools to help your school assess and expand its DEI initiatives and programs, including School Equity Assessments, Equity Mentoring, and Equity Officer Searches.


School Assessments 

We provide clarity and counsel on your current practices to help your school excel.

Athletics Assessments review budgeting, coaching evaluation & mentoring, athletic facilities & capital improvements, and more.

Operations Assessments cover your business office, HR, contracted services, and facilities management. 

School Equity Assessments include a broad review of current policies and procedures to define the particular challenges facing your school.



Coaching & Mentoring

As the challenges of leading independent schools increase, so does the need to enhance your leadership skills. The support and guidance we can provide through our coaching and mentoring programs will help you and your leadership team hone the skills to meet these challenges. We offer coaching for individual school leaders and Leadership Teams as well as specialized mentoring for Athletic Directors, CFOs, and Equity Officers.



Our unique athletics consulting services enhance the performance of both ADs and entire Athletics Departments.  Athletics Assessments review your school’s operations to verify strengths, identify weaknesses, and make concrete, data-driven recommendations for improvement.  Mentoring helps ADs plan, institute, and sustain changes in practices and programs.  The AD Training Camp develops skills in new and aspiring ADs, while the Retreat enables experienced ADs to connect and collaborate with experienced professionals and take their game to the next level.


Our Great Team

The impressive talent and experience of our Search and Consulting Team allow us to understand and serve your school’s specific needs.

View our full Search and Consulting Team.

Latest News

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