The School has requested services from Southern Teachers Agency (“Southern Teachers”) in finding, referring, and placing candidates for faculty/staff positions that the School has listed with Southern Teachers.

Confidentiality of Candidate Files & Referrals: The School understands that credential files of candidates referred by Southern Teachers are confidential.  The School agrees not to share files with the candidates, other schools, school districts, or third parties.  Similarly, the School agrees not to share any other information about candidates referred by Southern Teachers with the candidates, other schools, or school districts, or third parties.

Agreement to Notify Southern Teachers: The School agrees to notify Southern Teachers promptly if the School is (or was) already considering a candidate before receiving information about that candidate from Southern Teachers.  The School also agrees to inform Southern Teachers promptly when it hires a candidate referred by Southern Teachers.

Agreement to Pay Placement Fee: The School agrees to pay Southern Teachers a placement fee for any candidate that the School employs in any capacity within two years from the last (most recent) date on which the School used the candidate’s file or other material provided by Southern Teachers.  The School agrees that the placement fee is NOT to be deducted or withheld from the employee’s salary/wages.

The PLACEMENT FEE is 11% of the new staff members’ annual earnings, 12% if the school provides housing.

“Annual earnings” include salary, bonuses, stipends for duties such as coaching, co-curricular program leadership, extra supervisory roles, etc., during the first twelve months after the employee begins work.

The School becomes obligated for the Fee when the Candidate accepts the offer of employment.

Placement Fee Payment is due within thirty days after a Candidate accepts an offer of employment.

Delinquent Payments:  Fees past due accrue a monthly finance charge of one percent (1%), which is an annual percentage rate of 12%, on the unpaid Balance Due.

If payment is not made within six weeks of the due date, the School authorizes Southern Teachers to take steps to collect the full fee amount and the School agrees to pay all collection costs, including attorney’s fees and court costs.

Candidate’s Failure to Perform:   If the candidate terminates employment before or within 30 days of the start of expected duties (such as the start of new teacher orientation), Southern Teachers will work to find a qualified replacement at no additional cost to the School.

“Mid-Year Hires”: When the School hires a candidate after the school year has started, the expectation is that Southern Teachers will receive a placement fee based on the candidate’s first twelve months of employment. The initial Placement Fee installment is based on the total remuneration for that partial school year.  If the candidate returns to serve the following school year, the School’s remaining fee obligation is based on the employee’s new full-year contract, minus the initial fee already received by Southern Teachers for the partial year of service.

Employment decisions rest solely with the School.  The School is not obligated to hire any candidate referred by Southern Teachers.  Although Southern Teachers checks professional credentials and references, it is not responsible for such employment procedures and legal requirements as fingerprint clearances and background checks.  Southern Teachers cannot be held liable, directly or indirectly, for acts or omissions of candidates referred.

Click here for a print-friendly PDF of these terms.

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