The insights into the placement process that we’ve amassed since 1902 make Southern Teachers an incomparable resource. Schools trust us because of our integrity and knowledge of our candidates. This trust has helped make us the premier agency for candidates seeking jobs in the South.

Initial Candidate Process

Once you’ve been accepted as an ST candidate, a placement counselor will be assigned to help you through the entire job search process. Together, you’ll assemble a compelling credentials file, prepare for interviews, and discern your best job opportunities.

You’ll discuss your talents and interests, your career goals, and location preferences. Next, your counselor will contact your references. Our full understanding of your search helps us identify opportunities most appropriate for you from the thousands listed with us each year.

Initial School Process

When a school lists a position with us, our goal is to refer only qualified candidates who are interested in serving at that school. Our knowledge of our candidates, and of schools in the South, enables us to meet our goal more often than not.

Our commitment to calling candidates’ references is distinctive. We insist on speaking with current supervisors—which means we won’t help candidates conduct searches in secret. Reference calls assess candidates’ abilities and, in a meaningful way, their character. Telling your boss that you’re considering new opportunities isn’t easy. Our candidates have the confidence and integrity to do so. The schools we serve support open, honest career advancement.

Candidate Relationship and Goals

Because schools recognize the caliber and carefulness of our work in prescreening candidates, they give our referrals full consideration. Their confidence in our advocacy lays the foundation for you to have a successful interview.

Our primary goal is to help you get a job—one that motivates you to perform at your best. Beyond that, our hope is to build an enduring professional relationship with you. It’s deeply gratifying when school administrators praise the contributions of new faculty members who came to them from Southern Teachers. We would be honored to continue learning about your gifts and accomplishments and to remain a trusted counselor as your career advances.

A School Process Refined since 1902

After our candidates get hired, we observe their successes and occasional shortfalls in their new positions. Doing so helps us learn more about the schools we serve, their administrators, and their hiring practices and predilections. As a result, schools often tell us: “You know the type of candidate we like to hire.” And we really do.

Southern Teachers has been serving schools and educators since 1902, longer than any other placement agency in America. We’ve amassed more insight from experience than any comparable entity. The trust that schools place in our work is well founded. And to us, it’s both professional and personal.

Please read these Testimonials.  You’ll see why we’re 119 years young and still thriving.

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