Math—the only subject that counts. If your passion is math and that passion is contagious, a career teaching math may be for you!

Teaching Math

The world needs creative problem-solvers who are fluent in the universal language of mathematics.  Kids need math teachers who challenge and inspire them to think critically and logically.

The 21st century math classroom is no longer just textbooks, note taking and memorization. Math teachers today help students reason, problem solve, and build a deep mathematical understanding. Classrooms are filled with technology and look more like a lab than students sitting quietly in rows. As a math teacher, you are sharing your passion by connecting concepts to real-life contexts.

Teaching Math at an Independent School

In a private/independent school, math teachers enjoy small class sizes that allow for personal interaction, differentiated instruction, and relational learning.

Teaching math in an independent school means you have a school community that is committed to high standards and students' long-term success. Teachers find that math is not about standardized testing, but instead curricular innovation and collaboration. Math teachers are bringing a deep understanding of concepts, real world implications, technology and a greater STEM focus. 

Math Teacher Requirements

Passionate math teachers are in high demand at independent schools. If your qualifications match the following, we would strongly encourage you to apply.

• Degree(s) in Math or Math Education

• Enthusiasm for teaching math and working with students in an independent, private, boarding or college preparatory setting

• State teaching licensure/certification is a plus, but is NOT a hiring prerequisite

  • Southern Teachers has been a great long-term partner in our hiring. Taking the time and making the effort to know our school and its culture has built a relationship that has allowed you to send us better candidates.

    DuBose EglestonCharleston, SC


  • At each juncture in my career, I have reconnected with Southern Teachers. They are unique among teacher agencies in that they commit time and resources to knowing candidates and building partnerships with them.

    Marie Reed Charlottesville, VA


  • Southern Teachers is one of the easiest placement organizations I have worked with. Your staff is accessible, supportive, and sustains a high level of engagement. Your website is easy to navigate and the video introductions of candidates are a real plus.

    Garhett WagersHouston, TX


Latest News

  • Job Fairs in 2021

    Southern Teachers will hold two Virtual Job Fairs in 2021.

    Friday, February 5

    Friday, April 16

    All active Southern Teachers candidates are eligible and encouraged to partipate!

    Registration is now open!


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  • 2021 Student Art Contest Coming Soon!

    Our 12th Annual Student Art Contest will begin accepting submissions on November 1.  Students at member school in grades 8-12 are eligible to participate. One art teacher from each member school should register to coordinate submissions.


  • Why an Elephant?

    This majestic creature symbolizes many different things in cultures around the world, but we selected it as our icon because the elephant and the agency have key traits in common.