The Bright Side of Personality


Phase I of our Leadership Study focused on the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), which is used to predict “bright-side” personality, or what is seen when people are at their best. It focuses on characteristics that appear in social interactions and that facilitate or inhibit a person’s ability to get along with others and to achieve his or her goals. This tool is designed to predict occupational performance by measuring day-to-day personality characteristics that drive behavior. The deeply ingrained characteristics measured by the HPI impact how individuals approach work and their interactions with others.

In the summer of 2019, we ran the first phase of this study, focusing on HPI.  247 heads of our member schools took the HPI, which focuses on people’s normal, day-to-day personality.  While the aggregate data is in itself compelling, we also interviewed 14 heads of school who exhibited either very high or very low scores on each of the seven HPI scales in order to better understand and illustrate what these personality traits look like in action.

We published the results of Phase I research in the fall of 2020.

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Phase I Topics

Each report includes a main topic and a special topic.  The main topic dives deeper into one of the seven Hogan Personality Inventory scales and will include the head of school interviews.  The special topic explores some of the personality differences between demographic groups.  Though there is often a loose tie between the main topic and the special topic, they are not necessarily inherently related.


Adjustment | Generational Differences

Ambition | Age at First Headship

Sociability |  Size of School Budget

Interpersonal Sensitivity | Gender

Prudence | Education Attainment

Inquisitive | Number of Headships

Learning Approach | Path to Headship

Conclusion to Phase I

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Executive Coaching

We not only use Hogan Assessments in our search work, but also as the basis for our Executive Coaching services.

Leading independent schools is becoming more and more challenging in an increasingly complex world. We know that personal and programmatic assessments don’t create plans in themselves. And even if there are emergent, well-intentioned plans from these assessments, they often fall short of creating the necessary changes required to address today’s challenges. What is needed for today’s independent school leader is an on-going partnership in the development of specific action steps with the supportive accountability to implement these steps. This is why school leadership coaching today is more important than ever.

Rod Chamberlain, the director of our Consulting Team, combines advanced Hogan training with certification by the world’s largest coaching certification organization, the International Coaching Federation, and over four decades of school and leadership experience to offer one of the most sophisticated coaching experiences available.

Partner with Rod for a five-month course that will take your leadership skills to the next level.

View our School Leader Coaching Prospectus here.

Want to become a coach yourself?  Contact Rod Chamberlain at 434-295-9122 or

Rod Chamberlain
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