Brazos Christian School
Bryan, TX
Grades PK - 12 with 490 students

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The Principal’s primary responsibility is the oversight of all faculty, staff, and students, ensuring a productive and positive experience that fulfills the mission and upholds the core values of Brazos Christian School. His or her major responsibilities will entail developing leadership traits in students, creating a positive school atmosphere, overseeing the proper implementation of the school curricular elements, overseeing the development and growth of the school’s faculty, planning student activities, and overseeing student discipline matters. More specifically, the Principal will:
Oversee and lead faculty and staff
  • Work with the Headmaster to ensure that the school has the necessary personnel resources to meet objectives, including faculty, staff, and substitutes
  • Oversee personal and professional growth and leadership among the faculty and staff. 
  • Plan and implement New Teacher Orientation
  • Evaluate the job performance of assigned personnel.
  • Comply with applicable personnel policies and rules.
Oversee and direct curriculum and instruction
  • Review curriculum based on defined objectives and student achievement.
  • Diagnose student needs and curricular adjustment that may need to be made.
  • Facilitate opportunities for faculty to evaluate and recommend curricular changes
  • Assist Teachers in designing learning experiences for students. 
  • Encourage the development and piloting of innovative instructional programs.
  • Facilitate the planning and application of emerging technologies in the classroom.
Cultivate a thriving student culture in all aspects of development:  spiritual, social, physical, mental
  • Encourage and teach all students in Godly leadership principles.
  • Develop and maintain student leadership, and oversee student leadership organizations
  • Maintain a positive and balanced spiritual  and school life atmosphere through the addition or deletion of activities as needed to insure a positive result. 
  • Oversee the development and implementation of all student body activities. 
  • Oversee and develop student-to-student mentoring program.
  • Monitor and provide input on Chapel speakers.
  • Coordinate opportunities for student input.
Cultivate a positive parent culture
  • Promote a positive parent-school relationship
  • Plan and implement New Family Orientation
  • Be available to advise and encourage parents regarding student life and educational needs. 
  • Communicate effectively and timely with parents in regard to student life issues.
  • Assist and encourage parent volunteers in areas of student life activities.
Manage student discipline
  • Manage and refine discipline code.
  • Follow discipline management as defined in Parent/Student Handbook. 
  • Oversee discipline matters in an effective and fair manner, maintaining a spiritual perspective
  • Maintain database record of student discipline offenses.
  • Develop and maintain follow-up strategies in regard to student discipline.
  • Ensure faculty and staff classroom management aligns with the discipline policy as prescribed in the policy handbook. 
Serve on the Lead Team, fulfilling administrative and leadership responsibilities
  • Ensure effective and efficient operation of your school division
  • Carry out any administrative duties necessary to the function of daily school life
  • Support and promote the school through communication, facilitating prospective family tours
  • Participate in the development of long range planning of academic program, student activities and culture, and school facilities
  • Participate in activities each year that will enhance proficiency in job performance and promote personal, professional, and spiritual growth
  • Serve on relevant committees appropriate for school operation:  Admissions Committee, Academic Committee, etc.
  • Other duties as may be added or assigned by the Headmaster. 

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