Dunham School
Baton Rouge, LA
Grades PK - 12 with 820 students

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The Dunham School is a PK-12, non-denominational Christian, independent school serving 820 students on one campus. For 15 years, the school has provided extensive  student support for grades K-12 for students who have a variety of learning challenges. The school offers fee-paid tutoring, coaching, small group instruction, and individual courses for students with a range of learning challenges including ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and high functioning autism. The McKay Academic Center for Excellence (MAC) operates as a support structure to the traditional college preparatory program and is available to students in all divisions. 
The Director of the McKay Academic Center reports to the Head of School and works closely with each of the Division Heads. Specific responsibilities include the following:
  • Ensure that all programs and activities offered through the McKay Academic Center for Excellence (known as the MAC) are consistent with the mission of the school and the purpose of the MAC.
  • Set policies and procedures for all activities and programs offered through the MAC, and to ensure that these policies and procedures are followed.
  • Serve as a Christian role model for students, teachers, and parents.
  • Hire both full-time and part-time teachers, tutors, shadows, and other support staff as needed to meet the needs of the Dunham students.
  • Supervise and direct all MAC staff members (through regular 1:1 meetings, team meetings, class/tutor observations, and any other appropriate means).
  • Provide ongoing evaluation of all programs within the MAC, and make changes or additions as needed.
  • Monitor the progress of students receiving services through the MAC, creating appropriate student-plans and modifying those as needed, in conjunction with appropriate teachers and Division Heads.
  • Oversee the curriculum materials used in the compensation classes and MAC classes, in conjunction with Division Heads and Department Chairs.
  • Assign teachers and students to appropriate MAC classes and compensation classes in conjunction with Division Head; to assign (or oversee the assignments) of students to appropriate tutors, reading specialists, and shadows.
  • Collaborate with outside resources/consultants in areas such as Speech/Language Therapy services, Occupational Therapy services, ABA therapy services, Psycho-Educational Evaluations, etc.
  • Coordinate the schedules of outside therapists who see Dunham students at school.
  • Review Psycho-educational Evaluations of Dunham students and write appropriate academic accommodation plans for students.
  • Provide screening-level assessments of students who are referred by Division Heads, and provide appropriate recommendations to parents, teachers, and Division Heads.
  • Assist in Admissions activities for those students who may need support services through the MAC.
  • Assist in Admissions screenings for early childhood students (preschool through kindergarten) by providing speech/language and developmental screenings.
  • Assist and support Admissions through participation in Open House meetings and other Admissions activities.
  • Meet regularly with parents to discuss progress and ongoing needs of students receiving services through the MAC.
  • Work collaboratively with Division Heads, Department chairs, and other faculty as we work together to meet the needs of our students.

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