Carmel Christian School
Matthews, NC
Grades K - 12 with 1145 students

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BASIC FUNCTION: Plan and oversee the development of a rich, full, age-appropriate curriculum (K-12) that satisfies the Carmel Christian School mission and purpose.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in an educational field required. A Master’s Degree in curriculum development or administration is preferred.
Skills: Basic computer skills including word processing, email and Internet and the ability to use online tools to research curriculum options.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills -- in-person, electronically, and over the phone.
Experience:  At least 5 years experience in classroom instruction and/or 3 years of administration.
Mental Requirements: Able to articulate a clear personal philosophy of Christian education; to research and develop curriculum options; to lead through a data-driven process; to work as part of a team with a strong work ethic, effective time management, and multitasking abilities; to maintain positive relationships with faculty, staff, parents and students; to work well under pressure and prioritize tasks.
SCOPE of AUTHORITY: Facilitate, coach and assist faculty in the implementation of the curriculum including training, curriculum guide, curriculum maps, current or new course offerings, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Promote the Christian Biblical culture in accordance with the Carmel Statement of Faith to those individuals in contact with the school, including students, their families, faculty & staff members, visitors, and those making inquiries about Carmel Christian School.
  • Develop, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the program of instruction for all assigned subject areas in conjunction with the Associate Head of School.
  • Monitor correlation between standards-based instruction and supportive resources while focusing on vertical alignment.
  • Verify integration of Biblical truth and established curriculum standards are being utilized in instruction.
  • Serve as a resource and coach to provide instructional guidance and assist faculty in the implementation of curriculum standards, instructional materials and enhancements as well as assessments or other resources.
  • Serve as the initial point of contact to address and resolve concerns from stakeholders related to curriculum
  • Assist with school/parent communication regarding curriculum and instruction.
  • Identify and coordinate curriculum-driven and other opportunities for faculty professional growth and training.
  • Stay abreast of state and national standards and SAT/ACT measurements and consider these when guiding curriculum review.
  • Evaluate assessment techniques and analyzes and interprets results of standardized testing/assessments to impact classroom instruction and report such findings to the Associate Head of School.
  • Maintain communication with other outside professionals and stay abreast of educational trends, innovations, and resources to circulate professional research, ideas and information related to curriculum improvement.
  • Evaluate new and monitors existing curriculum and instructional materials to provide recommendations for review by the Associate Head of School in conjunction with principals.
  • Assist principals as needed to support curriculum review teams designated to include evaluation, examination, and implementation.
  • Coordinate and oversee the textbook and curriculum review cycle including the work of the review committees for each subject area. Reviews final recommendations and submits the review to the Associate Head of School for approval.
  • Purchasing and acquisition of K-12 curriculum resources.
  • Coordinate the website view of curriculum by division.
  • Monitor curriculum budget and allocated funds.
  • Serve as liaison and champion for utilizing federal funding through our local educational agency (LEA).
  • Assist in preparation of schedules for Elementary, Middle and High Schools as needed in conjunction with principals or the scheduling designee.
  • Oversee maintenance of current and updated curriculum guides for every subject area and ensure that they are kept current and updated per year.
  • Assist in leading the orientation program for new/returning teachers.
  • Coordinate visits by representatives of educational publishing companies with Department Heads.
  • Direct the formation of a Christian point of view through teacher training, selection of textbooks and planning curriculum-related trips and activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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