Highlands School
Irving, TX
Grades PK - 12 with 350 students

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Position Overview - High School Principal at The Highlands School
  • The HS principal directs the academic teams in designing and delivering a high-quality program of education that is successful in meeting the formation needs of the students.
  • The HS principal has the responsibility of achieving the school’s mission of evangelization and Catholic formation by establishing an outstanding school implementing the Integral Formation method of education as specified in the RC School Principles.
  • The HS principal is responsible for the recruitment, professional development, and management of the faculty and academic staff. S/He works to build a strong academic team, one that is capable of and committed to the integral formation of students and to achieving academic excellence.
  • The HS principal, in conjunction with the formation team, is responsible for integrating the parents into the school community; s/he seeks to instill an understanding and love for the mission of the school and to build a sense of community among the school faculty, staff, and families. The HS principal is responsible for achieving a high level of parent satisfaction and student retention.
  • The HS principal carries out his/her responsibilities with the awareness that s/he is above all an apostle of Christ, especially with his/her testimony of faith, virtuous personal life, and professional dedication to the mission entrusted to him/her within the school.
  • The HS principal should meet the following qualifications:
  • Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, preferred
  • Minimum of five years teaching experience
  • Demonstrated proficiency with curriculum development and implementation
  • Demonstrated proficiency with teacher professional development
  • Exceptional leadership and teamwork capabilities
  • Excellent social qualities, a sound character, and a firm and kind manner
  • Excellent and proven people management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational abilities, sound judgment, and good common sense
  • Practicing Catholic and formator with an excellent moral reputation, apostolic zeal for working for the Church, whose vocation is to lead, serve, and form the faculty and staff of the school
Reporting Structure
  • The HS principal reports to the executive director and is a member of the management team.
  • The principal directly supervises the deans, HS teachers, athletic director, registrar, college counselor as well as any administrative staff associated with his/her office.
Specific Responsibilities
Planning & Management
Contributing to the development of the school’s long-term growth strategy
Coordinating the development and implementation of the principal’s office annual program, calendar, and budget
Assist in the developing the school calendar in collaboration with other leadership members
Develop of class schedules
Customizing and recommending any required changes/improvements to the approved Parent/Student Handbook and Faculty Handbook
Overseeing the implementation of the Integral Formation method of education and the approved curriculum
Chairing weekly directive team meetings
Participating in management team meetings
Meeting weekly with direct reports
Overseeing the daily operations of the high school
Overseeing the organization and promotion of HS academic events, contests, and competitions throughout the year
Overseeing the operation of an appropriate selection of extracurricular activities and clubs to support the integral formation of HS students
Reporting regularly and communicating effectively with the management, directive, and integration teams
Attending selected professional development courses for principals offered by RC Education
Hiring and supervising qualified faculty and academic support staff
Implementing an effective program of performance management and professional development for faculty and staff
Building a strong faculty that is capable and committed to integrally forming the HS students and achieving academic excellence
Forming a highly qualified academic team; section deans, academic coordinators, teachers, support staff
Ensuring regular meetings are being held with each staff and faculty member
Ensuring teachers are implementing effective classroom management methods, teaching methods, assessment tools, and appropriate amounts of homework and quality assignments
Conducting informal and formal teacher observations
Integrating faculty and staff into the mission of the school
Building a strong culture of charity and teamwork
Maintaining high staff morale and achieving faculty retention goals
Monitoring student performance and achievement, ensuring that education and formation goals are being met
Endeavoring to know each student; greeting students at the beginning and end of each day
Ensuring that students are provided with personalized attention and leadership opportunities that will allow them to exercise their strengths and talents
Building a cohesive school spirit with a Christ-centered mystique among students
Ensuring discipline expectations are communicated and understood by students
Overseeing all student discipline in the school, ensuring consistent formative and motivational methods are employed
Ensuring student supervision and safety policies are fully implemented
Approving recommendations to retain or not-readmit students; approving recommendations to suspend or expel students
Working to increase overall student satisfaction with the high school and achieve student retention goals
Providing families with personalized attention and encouraging them to support the mission of the school
Implementing timely, quality, and effective family/school communication systems
Organizing regular parent/teacher conferences
Motivating the teachers and staff to maintain regular, professional, and positive communications with parents
Working with the formation team to offer family formation opportunities
Working to increase overall parent satisfaction with the school and achieve family retention goals
Program of Education
Establishing and maintaining an environment in which students achieve standards of academic excellence, reaching the heights of their intellectual potential and overall integral formation
Ensuring a solid and challenging academic program
Recommending any required changes/improvements to the approved school program
Implementing appropriate standardized tests and student assessment tools
Finalizing the exam schedule and ensuring that all report cards are reviewed by academic coordinators prior to their distribution
Ensuring current and accurate student records are maintained
Managing efforts to secure and retain necessary school accreditations

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