Hilton Head Christian Academy
Bluffton, SC, SC
Grades K - 12 with 620 students

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The Middle School Principal is a member of the school leadership team responsible for organizing and fostering a positive, safe environment that is conducive to best meeting the academic, social, spiritual and emotional needs of our middle school students, staff and parents in a highly individualized and supportive educational learning environment. This includes such responsibilities as: leading, directing, counseling, and supervising a variety of personnel and programs; creating effective parent, teacher, and student communications; supporting, encouraging, mentoring, and evaluating staff; fostering teamwork between educators and among staff and parents; and managing school resources. 
Executive Leadership
  • Function as the chief articulator of the middle school’s programs, expectations, behavioral guidelines, and other information necessary to ensure that all constituent bases are fully informed consistent with their individual roles.
  • Demonstrate awareness of school and community needs and initiate activities to meet those needs, ensuring congruency between the school’s vision and mission statement and such activities.
  • Use appropriate and effective techniques to build and maintain family and community relationships through parent and community involvement
  • Effectively implement positive and proactive interpersonal communication skills in a variety of roles including, but not limited to: building and maintaining positive relationships with learners, their families, educators, and community members; leading instructional initiatives; providing and soliciting critical feedback; and facilitating conflict resolution.
Instructional Leadership
  • Collaborate with Academic / Guidance Team to support the school curriculum and assessment system.
  • Collaborate with administrators and staff on effective implementation of the project-based learning framework. 
  • Utilize aligned research-based strategies to support educators in lesson design and instructional practices designed to improve learner achievement.
  • Actively participate in the development, supervision, and evaluation of educational and instructional programs.
  • Support and train educators and staff to effectively analyze learner data in order to guide instructional decision-making and to ensure mastery of the curriculum. 
  • Promote the efficient and effective implementation of technology in the teaching/learning process.
  • Conduct conferences on learner and school issues with parents, learners, and educators. 
  • Assist the appropriate staff members in relation to the facilitation of meetings for learners served by the Academic Resource Center.
  • Collaborate with department heads/instructional coaches, faculty, and leadership team to compile annual budget requests based on documented program and learner needs.
Personnel Management
  • Supervise Middle School educators, clerical staff members, and others as assigned, with the goal of providing accountability, encouraging growth and excellence, and developing educators and staff to be innovative leaders in and out of the classroom.
  • Maintain openness and visibility with faculty, and build intentional relationships that encourage each teacher to meet their greatest potential.
  • Coach and develop educators and staff by giving individual feedback and aligned professional development opportunities, ensuring all education staff have a professional development plan that supports their growth as an educator.
  • Utilize the school’s Teacher Evaluation and Support System tool to conduct walkthroughs and formal observations of educators (including pre-conference, observation, and post-conference).
  • Actively seek out and participate in professional development opportunities to improve knowledge and skills related to the job assignment and share knowledge with staff.
  • Actively participate and collaborate with campus educators in professional learning communities designed for schoolwide learning, improving instructional practices, and supporting learner achievement.
  • Lead the interview, hiring and onboarding process for Middle School personnel, including orientation of new staff members. 
  • Actively work with School Leadership team on overall employee retention strategies, and retention decisions for Middle School staff.
Student Culture
  • Promote and support an orderly, safe environment that is hospitable to education, cultivates capable student leaders, and reflects high morale.
  • Build positive relationships of trust and respect with students by being visible, accessible and present throughout the school day and beyond to extracurricular activities.
  • Promote a culture of inclusiveness by actively demonstrating respect for diverse racial and cultural circumstances and experiences.
  • Oversee daily school activities by leading the development of class schedules, educator assignments, and extracurricular activity schedules.
  • Help to develop a learner discipline management system that results in positive learner behavior.
  • Ensure that campus rules are uniformly observed and learner discipline is appropriate and equitable.
The ideal candidate will
  • Possess a natural desire to assess and enhance school and educator practices and student and school outcomes with a constant eye toward meeting the vision and mission.
  • Challenge the status quo, seeking creative and innovative solutions, and leading others to do the same.
  • Enjoy researching, developing and evaluating new curricula and teaching methods, selecting appropriate textbooks and other educational resources materials, and serve as an in-house advisor to teachers and administrators on curricula and education practices
  • Be self-directed, and be able to work independently as well as with and in groups.
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills to provide clear guidance, instructions or information.
  • Show strong leadership skills (i.e.; build mutual trust and respect, provide motivation to team members, hold self and others accountable, give timely and clear feedback, maintain utmost confidentiality in school matters) that guide actions and support others in achievement of goals
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment and be able to be flexible and shift gears quickly based on situations or changing priorities.
  • Independently exercise sound professional judgment, while simultaneously recognizing how to best leverage the strengths and input of team members in decision-making
  • Utilize problem solving skills to develop reasonable solutions to navigate complex problems and systems.
  • Possess a demonstrated ability to remain calm in high-stress situations while maintaining an understanding, respectful and supportive attitude.
  • Possess efficient and effective time management and effective prioritization skills.
  • Have a teachable spirit and be able to take criticism with a willingness to learn and grow.
  • Embrace the aspects of spiritual leadership inherent with the role.
  • Be a born-again Christian, committed to the Lord, and fully in agreement with and able to support the school’s Vision and Mission Statement, Statement of Faith and Christian Role Model Statement.
  • Understand the distinctives of a 21st Century and project-based learning educational model and be able to implement those distinctives.
  • Experience as a School Leader / Administrator with proven ability to lead, mentor and supervise employees and positively influence student culture; minimum 5 years of experience preferred.
  • Experience as an educator modifying curriculum and academic instruction for diverse learning groups; minimum of 5 years experience preferred
  • Experience with integration of technology for academic instruction.
  • Proficiency in common computer applications such as Google Suite for Education and Microsoft Office programs.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education or Equivalent; Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and/or Administration or equivalent preferred

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