St. Mark's Cathedral School
Shreveport, LA
Grades PK - 8 with 340 students

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Mission and History of St. Mark’s Cathedral School

The Mission of St. Mark’s Cathedral School is to value the individual who comes to us, help that student to realize his or her potential, and to foster a culture that reflects Christian values, intellectual curiosity, and a strong work ethic.  Our goal is to develop a student who first feels self-confident educationally, socially, and spiritually, and who then can reach out to help others in our community.  St. Mark’s Cathedral School was founded in 1953 by a committee of parishioners as a nursery school and kindergarten.  The elementary grades were added in 1958, and 7th and 8th grades were added in 1970.  The current main school building, which houses the offices, Lower School, and enrichment classes, was built in 1979.  The Middle School was relocated to the second floor of the Ministry Center after that building was completed in 1996.  A new preschool facility was dedicated in fall 2017.  
St. Mark’s Today
In 2022-23, St. Mark’s enrolled 306 students in grades PS 2-8th grade.  K-8th grades each have two sections with maximum enrollment of 36 students per grade.  Each division is led by a Division Director.  Division heads, along with the Business Manager and the Director of Admissions and Marketing, form the senior leadership team of the school.  The leadership team is assisted by the School Secretary and the IT Manager, who also attend weekly admin meetings.  Anticipated Middle School enrollment for next year is approximately 80 students.  Ten full and part-time teachers serve the middle school core academic program, along with several shared enrichment teachers, who teach both lower and middle school students.  Our graduates attend either a local Catholic high school or Caddo Parish magnet schools.  The school and Cathedral share a large and attractive campus and enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.  Our Episcopal identity is closely woven into the fabric of the school with twice-weekly Chapel, required Christian Education classes, joint programs with the Cathedral, and a commitment to service and outreach at the local, national, and global levels. 
The Middle School Director is responsible for the specific day-to-day schedules and operations the grades 6-8.  Specific duties include but are not limited to the following:
  • Coordinating with the other division heads and the Head of School in the planning of the master calendar, special events, and schedules.  
  • Assisting with admissions tours and assessments for students entering into middle school. 
  • Having primary responsibility for student discipline and behavior within middle school.
  • Curriculum evaluation and implementation, including standardized testing and acquisition of curricular materials.
  • Assisting the Head of School in evaluation and hiring of faculty for Middle School and shared positions.
  • Providing necessary support, administrative assistance, and guidance to enable Middle School teachers to be effective
  • Serving as a resource for parents to help them understand the developmental needs of middle school students and to assist them in working with teachers to assist students who are having any sort of difficulties.  
  • Serving as a resource for parents of students who may have special needs by providing referrals for testing and serving as chair of 504 committees.
  • Facilitating all processes related to high school enrollment. 
  • Assisting the Head of School in formulation of necessary policy involving middle school students, teachers, or parents. 
The ideal candidate will be an identified school leader with experience in Episcopal schools and with middle school students.  He or she will be excited to work with a team of dedicated and knowledgeable educators to advance the school as whole while focusing on the unique needs of early adolescent learners.  Minimum qualifications:
  • Three to five years of classroom experience, at least some of which was spent with middle school students. 
  • A Master’s degree in an appropriate discipline or commensurate certification.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated competency in oral and written communication.
  • Evidence of experience which would adequately prepare for the administrative tasks of the position. 

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