St. Edward's School
Vero Beach, FL
Grades PK - 12 with 620+ students

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Reports to: Head of Upper School
Purpose: Responsible for setting a positive, respectful tone for the Upper School through daily interactions with students and faculty and consistent, fair enforcement of School rules.
Essential Functions: General
  • Must demonstrate and support the School’s mission.
  • Must have the ability to get along with and deal effectively with all school personnel and school families, as well as the larger business and educational community.
  • Willingness to perform in a manner that reflects positively on Saint Edward’s School.
  • As a member of the SES team, perform all other duties as requested by the Head of School or other administrators.
Supervisory/Administrative Duties
  • Promote positive school spirit and collegiality among all students in the Upper School.
  • Assist in directing leadership, club sponsors, and activities.
  • Supervise routine disciplinary actions and procedures for Upper School students.
  • Schedule faculty to supervise detention and recall.
  • Keep detailed disciplinary records.
  • Serve as attendance officer, covering all attendance procedures, excused absences, and check-in procedures.
  • Organize and chair Disciplinary Committee and Honor Council meetings.
  • Communicate with students, families, and faculty regarding disciplinary proceedings.
  • Assist in development and review of the Student Handbook.
  • Assist and work with Student Council.
  • Supervise and chaperone school activities, such as field trips, athletic events, and dances.
  • Support the Upper School Advocacy Program.
Potential Additional Duties
  • Teach classes as directed by the Head of School.
  • Coach athletic teams or otherwise assist in extracurricular activities, as directed by the Head of School.
  • Serve as Director of Student Activities, which includes organizing clubs and planning/ chaperoning a host of student activities.
  • Promote and organize Diversity and Inclusion programs in the Upper School.
Qualifications (Preferred and Required)
  • Bachelor's degree in education or related field.
  • Minimum of three years teaching experience or equivalent.
  • Must be consistent, firm, and fair.
  • Must possess good judgment and strong emotional intelligence.
  • Must have good communication and record-keeping skills.
  • Must be able to work with and support the Head of Upper School in decision-making.

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