Asheville School
Asheville, NC
Grades 9 - 12 with 300 students

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Mission: Asheville School is a diverse and nurturing community that challenges and supports the mind, body, and spirit of our students by developing their resilience, intellect, and character.
Vision: A global community pursuing lives of meaning and service
Personal Excellence
Inclusive Community
Perseverance and Resilience
Life-Long Curiosity
Spiritual Reflection
Position Summary 
Reporting to the Associate Head of School and serving on the Internal Operations Team and Administrative Team, the Director of Academic Affairs oversees the development and administration of a cutting edge, innovative academic program, which includes educational philosophy and pedagogy. The Director of Academic Affairs is responsible for shepherding the strategic vision of the academic program as well as coordinating the day-to-day, academic issues that arise for students, faculty, and families.  Working with the Associate Head of School, Academic Dean, and Academic Department Chairs, the Director of Academic Affairs oversees the faculty mentor program and will handle difficult conversations involving students and faculty prior to them reaching the level of the Associate Head of School. The Director of Academic Affairs is responsive and available to students, faculty, and families.  The Director of Academic Affairs is a year-round, full-time exempt administrative agreement which includes housing and offers benefits, including but not limited to voluntary health, dental, vision insurance, and 403(b) retirement.
  • Create and implement a strategic academic vision for Asheville School rooted in the school’s mission, vision, and values, while also considering external competition and market
  • Stay up to date with relevant curriculum offerings and teaching techniques
  • Work with Academic Department Chairs to ensure teaching faculty are using relevant pedagogy and curriculum appropriate to the school’s mission, vision, and values
  • Lead the implementation of tactical academic goals from the school’s Strategic Plan
  • Ensure academic offerings reflect the school’s mission, vision, and values
  • Visit classrooms frequently as a means of supervision and to offer supportive, constructive, and corrective feedback for teaching faculty
  • Help to oversee accountability to professional standards, including supporting Academic Department Chairs with difficult conversations
  • Participate in faculty hiring
  • Communicate with families regarding all academic matters
  • Help resolve student and faculty academic issues
  • Support the admission office with recruitment and evaluation of prospective students
  • Oversee and direct all academic policies
  • Manage faculty absences in the classroom
  • Create, oversee, and implement a faculty mentor program
  • Participate in the evaluation process for classroom teachers
  • Assist with the coordination of academic professional development
  • Provide oversight and leadership in the Academic Office, including overseeing the Dean of Academics and Registrar with regards to academic affairs
  • Oversee the Academic Committee and Academic Department Chairs
  • Produce and update a curriculum guide, highlighting the course offerings and academic policies of the School
  • Facilitate the coordination of the Learning Center
  • Assist with technology integration in the classroom
  • Oversee the Director of Library Services
  • Manage academic scheduling for faculty and students
  • Serve on the Student Support Committee
  • Part of a residential team
  • Serve as an advisor for students
  • Possibility of teaching one section
Minimum Qualifications Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree Required; Master’s Degree Preferred
  • 5 years of educational experience
  • Experience in a boarding school or boarding setting is preferred
  • Strong written and interpersonal communicational skills
Salary and Benefits
Asheville School is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding employees through a competitive compensation and benefits package. Compensation is commensurate with applicant’s skills and experience.

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