Baylor School
Chattanooga, TN
Grades 6 - 12 with 1066 students

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Baylor School seeks candidates for its Middle School Head position.  The Middle School Head serves over three hundred students in grades 6-8.  Primary responsibilities and involvements include overseeing the overall program for students for academics, discipline, extracurriculars, student activities, student support, etc.  Management and oversight of parental communication within the division and the overall direction of the middle school is key, as well as significant involvement in the admissions process and serving as the ‘face’ of the middle school.  The Middle School head will work closely with the Upper School Head, the Assistant Head of School, the Dean of Faculty, other administrators, and all faculty involved with our middle school to support our students in reaching their fullest potential.
General Description
Baylor School is known for its whole child approach that combines rigorous academics, rich and varied extracurricular and co-curricular offerings, and a healthy and caring residential life program.  Central to the school’s culture is a strong sense of community and family within which there is a focus on the individual child.  Student life is central to the Baylor experience – connecting students to each other, strengthening the sense of community and belonging, promoting healthy and positive social interactions through a rich and varied offering of activities, and teaching important life skills in a setting outside of the classroom. 
Educational Program
  • Facilitate the development of rigorous and age-appropriate curriculum as well as focused efforts to achieve horizontal and vertical alignment in the 6-12 curriculum
  • Assess and provide resources for faculty to implement the curriculum
  • Guide the faculty in the systematic review of student performance 
  • Collaborate with department chairs, the Dean of Faculty, the Assistant Head, and the Upper School Head in the evaluation of the curriculum and in strategic planning
Students’ Academic Needs
  • Help teachers develop strategies for assessing students’ academic needs including review and analysis of relevant data to inform curriculum and instruction
  • Help teachers develop techniques for academic coaching and individual accommodations
Extra-curricular Programs
  • Promote and coordinate the development of broad extra-curricular offerings for Middle School students
  • Work with the athletic department to ensure appropriateness and consistency of offerings
Major Responsibilities Involving Students and Parents
Pastoral Care and Advising
  • Monitor and promote the health and welfare of students
  • Facilitate a positive relationship between adults and students
  • Establish and monitor expectations of faculty advisers
  • Foster positive and respectful communication with students
  • Promote student initiative and leadership
  • Communicate clear guidelines and expectations for student conduct
  • Provide for timely and consistent consequences for misbehavior
Relationship with parents
  • Conduct orientations for parents and students
  • Be pro-active in communication with parents
  • Ensure timely and substantive reports and conferences with parents by teachers
  • Find ways to build positive relationships with parents and inspire loyalty to the school
Supervision of Pedagogy
  • Regularly observe the instruction within the division
  • Promote an active dialogue among faculty about teaching and learning
Supervision of Faculty Advisory Role
  • Develop and maintain the advisory system and monitor its effectiveness
  • Develop and work with grade level team leaders
Coordination with Department Heads
  • Work with department heads in developing and monitoring curriculum both within the division and in preparation for the Upper School
  • Work with department heads and others in providing appropriate support for faculty members
  • Develop Middle School sub-departments
Work with Dean of Faculty and Assistant Head
  • Assist in the faculty evaluation process
  • Assist in monitoring and facilitating professional growth of faculty
  • Assist in assigning teaching and extra-curricular responsibilities
  • Ensure the maintenance of appropriate records regarding students and divisional personnel
  • Ensure the compliance with all school policies by division personnel
  • Supervise the Middle School Deans and other Middle School non-teaching personnel
  • Serve a key role in our student recruitment effort
  • Serve as a member of the small administrative staff, Academic Council, and the full Executive Staff
  • Collaborate with the Upper School Head for consistency across divisions in operation and vision
Requisite Skills and Knowledge
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to articulate a vision for the program and its goals to all constituents
  • Ability to recruit, motivate, mentor, and manage exceptional faculty
  • Ability to evaluate instruction and provide constructive feedback to teachers
  • Ability to mediate and resolve conflicts
  • Ability to work with parents in a variety of settings
  • Ability to lead a division of the school while being mindful of the needs and mission of the school at large
  • Knowledge of the developmental characteristics and needs of middle school children
  • Broad knowledge of pedagogy, curriculum, and educational technology 
  • Knowledge of constructive discipline techniques
  • Proven record as an instructor and leader of the highest caliber
Additionally, the Middle School Head works closely with the Admissions Office to coordinate all admissions efforts directed at middle school prospective students and serves as the ‘face’ of the middle school with respect to students, faculty, parents, and the local community.

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