Scheck Hillel Community School
North Miami Beach, FL
Grades PKT - 12 with over 1200 students

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Scheck Hillel Community School is a nationally recognized college preparatory and Jewish community school located in North Miami Beach, Florida. Founded in 1971, the school is managed by a dynamic multi-faceted leadership team. Our well-rounded, rigorous, dual curriculum program serves over 1200 students in PKT through 12th grade. The individualized college preparatory curriculum includes STEM and design, Capstone, College Dual-Enrollment, Arts, Athletics, and service learning. Our 14-acre campus includes a 115,000 sq. ft. athletic complex with additional academic expansion plans. 
Mission: From early childhood through Grade 12, Scheck Hillel Community School educates and inspires students to become exemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity, values and a commitment to the State of Israel, through a college preparatory curriculum and meaningful co-curricular experiences guided by Orthodox teachings and set within a nurturing, diverse community. 
Vision: Scheck Hillel Community School educates and inspires students to become exemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values, thereby strengthening our vibrant Jewish community for generations to come. 
As a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, we attract and retain a diverse faculty and staff who demonstrate professional excellence with an unwavering commitment to delivering an education of unsurpassed quality. As a community school, we understand that our school isn't just about education, it's about the whole child. 
Position Overview 
Scheck Hillel is seeking an experienced, dynamic, and collaborative school leader to become our next High School Director in the 2023-24 school year. We are looking for someone who is excited to share our mission of academic excellence and empowering our students to live inspired and purposeful lives.  Reporting to the Chief Academic Officer and serving on the school's leadership team, this position oversees the day-to-day operations of 45 faculty and staff and 285 students in grades 9-12. Collaboratively works with our School's executive team on all efforts to set and achieve our school's vision. 
Overall School Leadership 
  • Embody and reinforce the school's Core Values of Kavod (respect), Emet (truth), Shalom (peace), Chessed (kindness) and Ruach (spirit) while leading the faculty, staff and students to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Act as the educational leader of the high school division, responsible for its day to day mission.
  • Sets the overall vision for the high school program in alignment with the school's mission, vision, and core values. Ensure that all components of high school programming are aligned with this vision.
  • Be a visible, present, hands-on leader responsible for all academic and cultural systems and all student outcomes.
  • Oversee the academic/instructional process to drive academic results.
  • Collaborate and partner with Scheck Hillel's leadership team
  • Main point of contact for student/family interactions/responsibilities.
  • Hire, manage, and retain a high performing team of faculty and staff including teachers, college counselors, guidance counselors, dean of students, and experiential learning coordinator.
  • Sets and supervises the High School Budget
  • Be aware of the educational, physical, social, and psychological needs of the school community and guide plans for meeting those needs.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements of government regulations and agencies, and maintain the educational standards established by the state and by those agencies that examine and accredit the school.
Academic Vision Setting
  • Lead and manage the high school's academic program
  • Collaborate with the high school's faculty and staff on matters related to academic operations (i.e. benchmark testing, testing schedules and coordination)
  • Support school culture and academic data analysis to identify gaps in data and effectively problem solve
  • In collaboration with our Director of Curriculum and Instruction, design and lead ongoing school­based professional development sessions for faculty and staff.
  • Partner with Scheck Hillel's CAO, school leaders, and instructional coaches in the development and implementation of strong vertical and horizontal high school curriculum for grades 9-12
  • Be knowledgeable and able to articulate advances and trends in education and pedagogical standards, benchmarks, and indicators.
  • Facilitate the creation and revision of vertical and horizontal alignment maps for standards, skills, content, assessment types, writing and research, and student support
  • Provide teachers and instructional coaches with support in intellectual preparation of their subject areas as well as high-quality, actionable data analysis
  • Create and foster a community of learners.
  • Supervise the implementation of the school's student services program including guidance, college counseling, drop-out prevention, transition programs, health services, attendance, behavior management and related issues.
Culture Systems Vision Setting
  • Lead faculty, staff, and students as a model of our community's commitments, as well as have clear and kind conversations to hold all stakeholders accountable.
  • Implement strong systems and routines in order to create a safe, productive, and joyful school environment, utilizing data systems for a data-driven response.
  • Maintain active and strong relationships with students and families to support students in meeting academic goals and/or provide social-emotional support
  • Serve as a liaison between faculty, staff, parents, leaders, and the community
Faculty & Staff Supervision
  • Select and hire quality faculty and staff to support and maximize student achievement.
  • Coach faculty to empower teacher growth and development and improve their practice through individualized observation, data analysis, coaching, professional development, modeling, and collaborative planning to ensure consistent, high quality instruction.
  • When needed, create and implement faculty and staff development plans to support faculty and staff with targeted growth and improvement areas
  • Identify, recognize, and promote employee excellence
Key Experiences and Qualifications
  • At least five years of direct experience in instructional leadership, setting an academic and/or cultural vision for a school, and hiring and coaching faculty and staff.
  • A minimum of a Bachelor's in Education or subject area of interest (advanced degree preferred but not required)
  • A track record of success in previous school leadership and/or teacher-leader role preferably in an independent high school environment.
  • Knowledge and/or experience in transitioning students from gth to 9th grade and from 9th to 12th to post secondary.
  • Have a relentless drive to develop your leadership practice and to sharpen your skills as a leader in education
  • Are self-aware and reflective with a strong desire to continuously grow professionally and personally. Have a growth mindset and are quick to incorporate feedback into your daily practice
  • Thrive on data. You can analyze qualitative and quantitative data to inform instructional planning and decisions
  • Understanding that appropriate and healthy relationships are essential to working with people, value and enjoy cultivating deep relationships with students, families, and faculty to create a positive school environment
  • Value the importance of modeling and reinforcing the school's core values, norms, and policies
  • Success in this role includes the ability for self-reflection, candor, authenticity, and vulnerability.
  • Strategic thinker and empathetic problem solver.
  • Excellent Communication, Organizational, and Technology Skills
  • Demonstrate the requisite commitment to fulfilling the School's mission and Philosophy, which includes, providing a religious education consistent with fundamental beliefs of Judaism and teaching children to embrace Jewish heritage.
This full time, full year in-person position includes a comprehensive compensation package that includes excellent salary, benefits, professional development, and more.

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