Greenwood School
Jacksonville, FL
Grades 6 - 12 with approximately 175 students

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Business Manager 
  • Minimum Bachelor degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or Nonprofit Management
  • Master degree preferred but not required
  • Above-average computer skills, particularly with Office/Google type word processing and spreadsheet programs, database management, and financial management programs.
  • Evidence of effective communication skills, leadership potential, organizational skills, relationship building.
  • Experience in administrative office setting.
Duties and Responsibilities (Direct and Supervisory)
I. Manage School daily financial operations as directed by Head of School.
A. Maintain signature and oversight authority, delegated by Head of School, on all school financial accounts.
B. Monitor status of all School financial accounts and promptly report any annormalities to Head of School
C. Generate payments in response to approved check requests.
D. Fulfill School financial obligations and assign appropriate budget categories for tracking:
1. Vendors
2. Service providers
3. Maintenance and repair
4. Subscription and contract goods and services; and,
E. Fulfill School legal financial obligations:
1. Monitor/execute payroll for employees and appropriate payroll taxes
2. Business licensing
3. Workers' Compensation, Liability, and other corporate insurances as required by law and/or by Head of School;
4. Payment for licensing, permitting, government-regulated inspection items (i.e., fire systems, backflows, etc.); and,
5. Any/all other obligations that impact the School's ability to legally operate and to operate as a nonprofit organization
F. Ensure approved adjustments, additions, bonuses, and deductions to employee salary and benefits payments in accordance with Head of School approved terms for each employee
G. Ensure receipt and accounting of any and all tuition revenue through FACTS program.
1. Include application of scholarship funding, discounts, and incidental charges and fees as appropriate.
2. Inform Head of School of special requests for payment leniency, scholarship requests, or exigent circumstances when they arise.
H. Act as a voting member of the Greenwood Scholarship Committee to determine award of financial aid in response to completed applications and subsequent  recommendation  from FACTS program.
I. Record daily bank report/journal entries.
J. Generate monthly account reconciliations, balance sheets, cash flow reports and discuss with Head of School.
K. Coordinate with Head of School to determine need for vendor support for maintenance  and repair issues.
    Coordinate quotes/estimates gathering for large (greater than $10,000) and provide to Head of School for presentation to Board of Trustees.
L. Inform Head of School and Office Manager of donations received, except for those received  designated for the  Greenwood  School Annual Fund.
M. Receive and verify Parent Teacher Organization Expense Report
N. Coordinate annual financial audit and report results to Head of School; generate appropriate associated reports for Internal Revenue Service.
II. Coordinate with Head of School to conduct financial planning.
A. Coordinate development and generation of proposed annual operating budget for presentation to Board of Trustees at April meeting.
B. Verify budget line items with actual realized enrollment and adjust budget proposal for approval by Board of Trustees at August meeting.
C. Verify employees' total salary and benefits agreements approved by Head of School and update amounts in payroll program as appropriate.
D. Track depreciation of School assets and coordinate with Head of School to prioritize capital expenditures needs and schedules/proposals.
E. Provide  financial reports  and/or  analysis  as requested  by  Head of School for any purpose(s).
III. Coordinate employee non-salary benefits options
A. Communicate with appropriate insurance brokers to negotiate benefits packages.
1. Advise and train Principal on physical/electronic systems and procedures to determine faculty insurance benefit package options
2. Advise and train Principal on physical/electronic systems and procedures to coordinate open enrollment period(s) and eligibility factors for faculty insurance benefit packages and options
B. Maintain accounting and administration of employee retirement plan
1. Advise and train Principal on physical/electronic systems and procedures to track and administer employee retirement   plan.
2. Keep Head of School advised of status of plan management, particularly any actions that require Head of School  approval
C. Ensure accuracy of employee paid time off balances as provided by Office Manager.  Execute established procedure to coordinate compensation to employees for unused paid time off benefits.
D. Provide payment for completed substitute teaching assignments as requested.
E. Ensure Principal is advised and trained to act as backup in management of employee non ·salary benefits administration.
IV. Safeguard all corporate financial information and the financial information of employees and families of enrolled students at all times.
V. Support the school as needed for temporary coverage of faculty class periods.
VI. Perform other appropriate duties and responsibilities that may be required by Head of School.

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