As an English teacher, you foster critical thinking and communication skills that are used both in and out of the classroom. We can help you find the perfect classroom to inspire students.

Teaching English

Do you believe language is at the heart of everything we do? Do you want to help ensure that the next generation is able to access and analyze texts, sort through valid and invalid sources, and be transported to other worlds, regions, and cultures through literature? You should be an English teacher at an independent school!

We look for candidates interested in teaching the range of middle or high school English, including literature, grammar, composition, creative writing, or AP English. Independent schools seek out teachers who are also excited to help with school publications, clubs, or the yearbook. 

Teaching English at an Independent School

At a private/independent school, English teachers enjoy small class sizes conducive for differentiated instruction, allowing you to give students the individual attention that they deserve. English teachers at our partner schools thrive on having freedom to design creative, hands on, engaging curricula. 

Teachers can truly get to know all of their students as well as others throughout the school community. The community is what private schools are all about. Teachers find that the focus is not on standardized testing, but instead curricular innovation, collaboration, and nurturing a love of learning in students.

English Teacher Requirements

• Degree(s) in English, Literature, English Education, or a related field

• Enthusiasm for teaching language arts and working with students in an independent, private, boarding or college preparatory setting

• State teaching licensure/certification is a plus, but is NOT a hiring prerequisite

  • Southern Teachers has been a great long-term partner in our hiring. Taking the time and making the effort to know our school and its culture has built a relationship that has allowed you to send us better candidates.

    DuBose EglestonCharleston, SC


  • At each juncture in my career, I have reconnected with Southern Teachers. They are unique among teacher agencies in that they commit time and resources to knowing candidates and building partnerships with them.

    Marie Reed Charlottesville, VA


  • Southern Teachers is one of the easiest placement organizations I have worked with. Your staff is accessible, supportive, and sustains a high level of engagement. Your website is easy to navigate and the video introductions of candidates are a real plus.

    Garhett WagersHouston, TX


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