Our team is growing!

Southern Teachers is the premier placement agency for private schools in the South. And we need your help to complete our important mission!

Since 1902, Southern Teachers has helped thousands of teachers, coaches, and administrators find jobs at hundreds of private/independent schools around the South. Owned and operated by two families over five generations, Southern Teachers has proudly served schools and educators for well over a century.  Though we've made many changes in the agency's operations, we have deliberately and diligently preserved the level of personal service that has been the defining characteristic of Southern Teachers over the years.

Much like the schools we work with, we are a close-knit community with great camaraderie. From our daily “Tea Time” to the annual Christmas party, and all of the moments in between, we join together to celebrate our successes and discuss our challenges. As part of a small business with 17 full-time employees (and another dozen part-time), each person is able to master new skills and make significant contributions to the success of Southern Teachers every day.  Staff Directory

Just one of the many benefits of working for Southern Teachers is the location. Our historic office building in Charlottesville, Virginia, is located across the street from the University of Virginia--we're a 5-minute walk to the Rotunda and the Grounds of this World Heritage Site. “The Corner” is jam-packed with delicious restaurants and shops that are hard to resist and is abuzz with the vitality and excitement that comes with life in a college town.

We need brains, energy, conscientiousness, and integrity.  And conviction that all students deserve the best possible teachers.  If you can see yourself sharing our passion, please continue reading!

Current Openings

Texas Agent (Summer 2022)

The Agent’s mission is to build relationships with current Southern Teachers Member Schools and to recruit additional schools to become ST Members. Serving as the voice and face of Southern Teachers, the Agent demonstrates genuine concern for and understanding of each school’s mission, culture, and hiring needs in regular contacts with school leaders. The Texas Agent serves private/independent schools in Texas and Oklahoma.

Applications will be accepted beginning September 1, 2021. Full Job Description

Organizational Structure

While we will post specific openings on this page, we would like to share information about our overall structure, because there might be other roles at Southern Teachers that are more suited to your abilities and experience level.  If you have special talents that would advance the mission of Southern Teachers, please feel free to send your resume to the Carey Goodman, Director, Goodman@SouthernTeachers.com.  Please specify which role intrigues you most.

Our office staff continues to evolve based on many factors, including ongoing increases in both the number of member schools and candidates, the proven potential of current employees, our sharpening vision of the agency’s “ideal” size, and our expanding set of offerings.

Our systematic plan for growth means that the number of staff members in each category of employees will increase over the next five years.

Placement Counselor

Placement counselors interview candidates, check references, help candidates prepare/assemble compelling files, and maintain supportive relationships with their assigned candidates for the duration of the candidate’s search.  We prize the ability to assess a candidate’s potential to teach effectively and to grasp the candidate’s personal needs, expectations, and priorities so that we may guide the candidate toward the right jobs.  The placement counselor works hand-in-hand with the director of teacher placement to refer candidates for positions.  This is a desk job that requires close attention to detail, but also a genuine interest in each individual candidate’s potential to make a difference in the lives of students.  This work may only be performed at our office in Charlottesville; remote work is not an option.

School Agent

An agent is responsible for maintaining relationships with a geographic set of schools.  For instance, we have an agent for Virginia, one for Florida, etc.  The agent is in regular contact with school administrators all year round, continually learning about school culture and what types of candidates would be a good fit.  The agent takes job listings for their schools and distributes this information to the placement team.  He or she visits schools on a regular basis, educates schools about the range of services offered by Southern Teachers, and serves as a trusted advisor to administrators who are working on their greatest challenge:  assembling the best faculty and staff possible for their schools.  Significant experience  with the hiring process at an independent school in the South is a prerequisite for the role.

Search Consultant

The right administrators at a school brighten the futures of their students.  Finding the right administrators requires skill and expertise.  Southern Teachers has developed a remarkably thorough, efficient, and productive search process.  Search consultants must not only master our process, but also secure the trust of our school clients in Southern Teachers’ ability to bring each search to a successful conclusion.  Significant prior experience as an independent-school administrator in the South is essential for the role.  Search & Consulting Team

Search Coordinator

The coordinator helps organize the work of the search consultants.  To be effective in the role, one must be an excellent communicator, be able to manage and lead teams, negotiate schedules and priorities, and, above all, make sure that absolutely everything gets done on time and correctly.

College Recruiter

Retired school heads and administrators have decided that they no longer wish to bear the full-time, year-round burden of running schools.  Staying involved with education in a meaningful way, but on a more limited scale, can be appealing.  Especially if the job is encouraging graduating college students to consider the hard, but rewarding life of an independent-school teacher.  This work is seasonal:  15-20 days during the fall semester and 15-20 in the spring.  On campus, a recruiter might represent Southern Teachers at a career fair or education fair, run an information session, or conduct interviews with prospective applicants.  Obviously, travel is involved.  The agency pays a daily stipend and covers all travel expenses.  The goal is to encourage talented students to apply as candidates.

Athletic Recruiter

Independent schools regularly seek good teachers who can also coach.  Large schools can have as many as 70 middle-school and upper-school teams—that’s a lot of coaches!  Similar to a college recruiter, an athletic recruiter communicates with college athletic departments in order to make collegiate student/athletes aware of the rewards of becoming a teacher/coach.  Typically, an athletic recruiter for Southern Teachers is a retired athletic director who can communicate easily and well with collegiate coaches and athletic administrators.  As with college recruiters, the agency pays a daily stipend and covers all travel expenses.

Leadership Roles

Leadership positions at Southern Teachers are reserved for dedicated staff members who have proven their abilities, work ethic, productivity, and appreciation of the importance of the work that we do here.  Those who have mastered a category of work enjoy not only considerable autonomy, but also the potential to lead junior members of the staff to greater heights.  Historically, the structure of the agency has evolved in accordance with the leadership talents of individual employees.  We anticipate this will perpetually be true.


Latest News

  • Job Fairs in 2022

    Southern Teachers will hold our Atlanta Job Fair in 2022.

    Saturday, February 5

    All active Southern Teachers candidates are eligible and encouraged to participate!

    Registration is not yet open.

    Proof of full vaccination will be required for participation.


  • ST Leadership Study

    In our groundbreaking Leadership Study based on assessments of almost 250 sitting heads of school, you'll read about the specific personality traits that distinguish independent school leaders.  Nine reports published serially this fall on topics such as Ambition, Learning Approaches, and Interpersonal Sensitivity.  Does your personality predict your performance?


  • 2022 Student Art Contest Coming Soon!

    Our 13th Annual Student Art Contest will begin accepting submissions on October 31.  Students at member school in grades 8-12 are eligible to participate. One art teacher from each member school should register to coordinate submissions.


  • Why an Elephant?

    This majestic creature symbolizes many different things in cultures around the world, but we selected it as our icon because the elephant and the agency have key traits in common.