Our services are free for candidates!

I hereby request and authorize Southern Teachers Agency (“Southern Teachers” or “ST”) to help me obtain opportunities for school employment. I give Southern Teachers my permission, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, to submit copies of my transcripts, resume, references, placement file, and other pertinent documents to personnel involved in schools’ recruiting and hiring processes.

I affirm that all information I have provided to Southern Teachers is true.

Costs:  I understand ST’s services are free for candidates.  There is no registration fee.  There is no placement fee.  There is no cost to attend a Southern Teachers Job Fair.  I understand that my only obligation to Southern Teachers is clear and timely communication concerning my job search.

Confidentiality:  I understand that my application and initial conversations with Southern Teachers staff will be held in confidence.  I also understand that Southern Teachers will not refer a candidate for positions unless and until the ST staff has spoken with references.  I recognize, therefore, that Southern Teachers will not actively refer a candidate who wishes to conduct a confidential search.

Reference and Background Checks: Schools value Southern Teachers’ work because ST checks candidates’ references diligently. To that end, I authorize Southern Teachers to conduct investigations of my activities, character, and reputation and to verify my employment and education.  I request and authorize current and former employers, schools, and other persons to furnish ST with information concerning my work habits, character, reason for termination, reputation, salary history, job performance, academic achievement, and all other relevant information requested by ST, including confidential or privileged information, and to provide copies to ST if requested.  All information released to ST shall become ST’s property.

I hereby release and hold harmless all persons, companies, corporations, and schools from liability for providing ST with such information as requested.

Materials: I understand that all materials that I supply to Southern Teachers shall also become ST's property.

Media Release: In the event that I obtain employment with Southern Teachers’ assistance, I authorize ST’s use and distribution of my name, image, and voice in print and/or in digital media.

Discontinuation of Services: I understand that Southern Teachers may discontinue my candidacy and terminate services at any time with no obligation to explain the reasons for discontinuation.

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    Southern Teachers will hold our Atlanta Job Fair in 2022.

    Saturday, February 5

    All active Southern Teachers candidates are eligible and encouraged to partipate!

    Registration is not yet open.


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