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Why an Athletics Assessment?

During an Athletics Assessment, we conduct a broad review of your Athletics Department’s current practices, policies, and operations.  We identify your school’s strengths and locate areas where it can improve—and then provide actionable recommendations and practical guidance from an experienced, certified expert.  Our in-depth review and analysis will keep your school playing at the top of its game.

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Our Process

Your assessment begins with a comprehensive review of your school by Dr. Tim Green.  He studies department documentation; visits the school; and interviews the Athletic Director, Head of School, coaches, players, and parents.  Using this information, Dr. Green analyzes facilities, budgeting and capital needs, department policies and structures, and program necessities.  After delivering the results of our assessment, we follow up six months later to discuss your school’s progress.

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Your Report

We will deliver the results of your Athletics Assessment in a written report, which offers an in-depth review of current department operations and recommendations on short- and long-term financial planning; personnel; facilities usage; and department policies and structure.  We also indicate where your school adheres to or diverges from current best practices, and provide benchmarks for comparison with data about other schools with similar profiles.

Dr. Tim Green

During his 32-year career in schools, Tim Green has served as a teacher, coach, P.E. Department Chair, and Director of Athletics.  His successful record of independent school athletic leadership includes oversight of teams and coaching staff, budget development, athletic facilities, mentoring programs, coaching evaluation, professional development, and athletic capital improvements.  He has served on numerous committees at the collegiate and independent school levels and is certified at the highest level (Certified Master Athletic Administrator) by the NIAAA. Tim joined our staff in July 2021.

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"We were very happy with the entire process of working with Southern Teachers and Tim Green.  Everything was well organized from start to finish.  The assessment confirmed some areas we believed needed to be addressed as well as pointed out other areas where we can work to improve our overall athletic program.  It is now on us to put in the work to enhance our athletic department.  Our athletic programs are a big part of our school culture, so the assessment will only help us to be better which makes it attractive for students and families to become a part of our school family."

Joel R. Bode
Head of School
Concordia Lutheran High School

"Selecting Tim Green and Southern Teachers to consult with our community about our athletics program was the best strategic decision we made all year. Tim proved to be accessible at all points in the process and a truly skilled listener with all of our stakeholders. He was able to customize his visit to achieve both his goals for assessment and our school’s goals for inclusivity from our athletes to the board of trustees. His recommendations captured both the current realities we face and the aspirations for our program that we seek to achieve and prioritized them in such a way as to help our entire community pull in the same direction toward achieving them. Get in the queue to get Tim to your school because he's doing the best consulting work in this space in the country."

Will Bladt
Associate Head of School
St. George’s Independent School

"My Head of school invited Tim Green for a visit to my school this past year and initially, I was a little worried. But very quickly after my first conversation with Tim, I was excited about the opportunity. Tim was a tremendous help to me and our athletic department. We came away from the experience with a better perspective of where we stood and what direction we needed to head. The best part of the experience is I gained a mentor and a friend, someone that knows what I am dealing with because he has been in my shoes and someone whom I can reach out to for guidance at any time!"

Julie Jones
Director of Athletics
Savannah Christian Preparatory School

"Tim’s athletic assessment was a quick and efficient way for our new head of school to get a balanced perspective on the strengths and opportunities of our athletic department. It would have taken at least a year for a new head of school to learn so much about our school’s athletic environment and be able to get that input from so many constituency groups.

"Tim met with twelve different constituency groups in three days. Each group came away from his sessions impressed by his questions and perspective. Tim made the most of the time he was in town for the assessment and his follow-up in the weeks to follow made the entire process invaluable.

"Had I known this assessment would be so helpful to our department I would have asked for it years ago."

Blake Davenport
Director of Athletics
Randolph School

"Tim provided a thorough and professional review of our large and growing athletic program. From speaking with parents, staff, coaches, and athletes to reviewing key performance indicators, Tim was able to deliver a detailed report with clear action steps to keep us on the path of continuous improvement. Not only this, but he has continued to serve as a trusted advisor to both me and our athletic director. I couldn't have asked for a better return on our investment. I highly recommend Tim to any school looking for a professional with the insight and experience to help them truly improve."

Adam Dubé
Head of School
Randolph School

"Dr. Tim Green and Southern Teachers did a wonderful job providing us with an opportunity to examine our athletics program and a roadmap for opportunities for improvement.  We are looking forward to taking advantage of Tim's ongoing expertise as we embark on a year of implementing recommendations.  He is knowledgeable about independent school athletics, sensitive to the particular needs of individual schools and cultures, and adept at listening to and gaining the trust of all constituents."

Kim Wargo
Head of School

The Lab School of Washington

"I thought Tim came in and did a great job for us! It was clear that he understood Greenhill and our strengths and challenges, and his report was both comprehensive and thoughtful. And, Tim’s bona fides helped give the report the heft it needed to be accepted by our community. You can’t challenge his expertise! Overall, it was a great process and very useful for us. I would happily recommend it to other schools."

Lee Hark
Head of School
Greenhill School


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