Teaching the visual and performing arts is vital to a student's creativity, self-expression, and innovative thinking.

Teaching Art

Do you want to help encourage self-expression, creativity, and discovery? You should consider teaching studio art, drama or music at an independent school. Fine arts teachers help students explore hidden talents and make students feel comfortable while trying new things. At many of the independent schools we work with there is an emphasis on the arts and the importance of being a well-rounded student.

Independent schools know the vital role the Arts play in language development, decision making, inventiveness and innovation as well as cultural awareness. Many independent schools support the Arts with state-of-the-art performance spaces, art studios, professional instruments, and music studios.

Fine Arts teaching at an Independent School

In a private/independent school, art teachers enjoy small class sizes that allow for personal interaction, differentiated instruction, and relational learning.

Music, Studio Art, and Drama teachers can truly get to know all of their students as well as others throughout the school community. The community is what private schools are all about. Teachers find that the focus is not on standardized testing, but instead curricular innovation, collaboration, and nurturing a love of learning. Students are encouraged to take chorus, band, perform in musicals, and both study and create art. 

Fine Arts Teacher Requirements

• Degree(s) in Studio Art, Drama, Theater, Music, Arts Education, etc.

• Enthusiasm for teaching the arts and working with students in an independent, private, boarding or college preparatory setting

• State teaching licensure/certification is a plus, but is NOT a hiring prerequisite

  • Southern Teachers has been a great long-term partner in our hiring. Taking the time and making the effort to know our school and its culture has built a relationship that has allowed you to send us better candidates.

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  • At each juncture in my career, I have reconnected with Southern Teachers. They are unique among teacher agencies in that they commit time and resources to knowing candidates and building partnerships with them.

    Marie Reed Charlottesville, VA


  • Southern Teachers is one of the easiest placement organizations I have worked with. Your staff is accessible, supportive, and sustains a high level of engagement. Your website is easy to navigate and the video introductions of candidates are a real plus.

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  • Job Fairs in 2021

    Southern Teachers will hold two Virtual Job Fairs in 2021.

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  • 2021 Student Art Contest Coming Soon!

    Our 12th Annual Student Art Contest will begin accepting submissions on November 1.  Students at member school in grades 8-12 are eligible to participate. One art teacher from each member school should register to coordinate submissions.


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