Don't let our name fool you.

Southern Teachers is also the premier placement service for independent school administration jobs in the South. 

Why? Because of our national reach, our Southern focus, and our serious expertise.

National Reach

While we have an unparalleled network of connections around the South, our candidates come from around the country—and the globe.

Our continuous and extensive marketing efforts (especially via the Friday Evening Star) are supplemented by robust advertising campaigns for our retained searches, campaigns that are designed to ensure that highly qualified administrative candidates around the country know about these enticing opportunities.

Southern Focus

We recruit nationally to serve schools in the South—where we’ve earned our reputation, developed our expertise, and built relationships for over a century.

We’re devoted to the South’s vitality and promise. We know the independent schools here—their missions, cultures, histories, expectations, and aspirations.

Our competitors simply don’t share our Southern focus and commitment. That’s why schools in the South turn to us repeatedly and in ever-increasing numbers.

Serious Expertise

An independent school administration job search is a complex process, and a successful outcome is of paramount importance to the wellbeing of your school. Whom should you trust to lead your search?  The team with the most relevant experience to the challenge at hand. Southern Teachers has that team. 

Our lead search consultant, Jamie Estes, has run 90 leadership searches; he and the ST admin team have placed hundreds more administrators via contingency listings. He's one of the most experienced professional search consultants available, and the only one at his level who focuses exclusively on independent schools in the South. Now, that's serious expertise.

  • What has impressed us most has been the depth of their knowledge of their candidates and our school. Finding the right 'match' in hiring is tremendously important, and Southern Teachers gets it.

    Dave FausBrooklandville, MD


  • At each juncture in my career, I have reconnected with Southern Teachers. They are unique among teacher agencies in that they commit time and resources to knowing candidates and building partnerships with them.

    Marie Reed Charlottesville, VA


  • Southern Teachers has been the best tool in my job search toolbox. They have helped steer my life in such a positive direction that you had better believe the next time I look for a new job, they will be my first call.

    Bobby LongAsheville, NC


  • Southern Teachers is one of the easiest placement organizations I have worked with. Your staff is accessible, supportive, and sustains a high level of engagement. Your website is easy to navigate and the video introductions of candidates are a real plus.

    Garhett WagersHouston, TX


  • Southern Teachers has been a great long-term partner in our hiring. Taking the time and making the effort to know our school and its culture has built a relationship that has allowed you to send us better candidates.

    DuBose EglestonCharleston, SC


  • Southern Teachers is the absolute best in the business! They work tirelessly to help you accomplish your professional goals. I could never thank them enough for the care and concern that they’ve always shown for me.

    Paul ReynoldsWilson, NC


  • I have been represented by Southern Teachers on three occasions, and each one afforded me the opportunity to choose the best fit for my needs as an educator . . . and to get jobs at some of the most esteemed institutions in the South!

    Kerri PakalnisHouston, TX