Teacher Recruitment Services

Our teacher recruiting services ensure that only qualified teacher candidates are referred to schools.  We require all candidates to interview by telephone or in person.  Southern Teachers also calls references for all of our candidates. (Please note: Southern Teachers does not conduct criminal record checks.)
Southern Teachers will only send the credentials of viable teacher candidates, and we will help arrange the initial telephone or in-person interview with the candidates of your choosing.
We do not publicly list your vacancies, which limits unwanted phone calls, letters, and e-mails to you. If we have no credible candidates, we will not send you unproductive paperwork to clog your in-basket. 

The financial agreement between your school and Southern Teachers is simple:

  • No onerous registration or membership fee.
  • No annoying charge to list positions.
  • No exorbitant minimum placement fee.
  • The school pays a placement fee for a candidate referred by Southern Teachers who is hired at any point during the first two years after referral.
  • The placement fee for day schools is 11% of the candidate's remuneration during the first twelve months of employment.  The placement fee for boarding schools is 12%. 

In other words, there is no cost at all for our teacher recruitment services unless we send you the best candidate:  the one you hire.

Because your students deserve the best, call on Southern Teachers.