A Video Resume Will Help You Find A Job!

Southern Teachers Agency is offering a new technological advantage for your job search. In addition to presenting your credentials file to schools, we are now able to deliver a video resume to the administrators who are considering you.

Competition for good jobs is increasing.  Since inaugurating the video-resume project in 2007, we have determined that candidates with a video resume are four times more likely to get a job!  We want to help you stand out from the crowd and get the interview that you need. A video resume will help us to help you.

Printable guidelines on preparing a video resume for STA

Video guide to making a video resume

Sample video resume

Note for Mac users:  If you cannot play our videos, try downloading VLC Media Player.

You can create your video resume in two ways: film it yourself or we can film the video resume for you. You may schedule an appointment at our office in Charlottesville.

If you create the video resume yourself, there are two easy ways to send the file to STA.

Digital upload:

  • Go to www.dropbox.com and download the free version of Dropbox if you do not already have the program.
  • After you have finished downloading and setting up Dropbox, sign on to your online account for Dropbox.
  • Make a folder called STA.
  • Open this folder and upload your video resume to this folder.
  • Once the video has finished uploading, select “share link.”
  • Enter your placement counselor’s email address and send video.
  • Your placement counselor will email you within two business days to let you know that they have received the video. If you do not hear from us, please contact us!

Traditional mail:  You may burn the video onto a CD or DVD and send it to STA via traditional mail.  This will not cause any problems, though it will obviously take a bit longer to arrive.

We can accept any file format.  We will not edit your video.  If the sound or video is not satisfactory, we will ask you to try it again.

Help us to help you!  Send STA a video resume today!