Founded in 1902, Southern Teachers is the premier placement agency for private/independent schools in the South.

The history of teacher agencies in America is a surprisingly interesting story.  The first in America was established in Boston in 1846.  By the end of the nineteenth century there were dozens of agencies around the country.  Then, with the growing ubiquity of compulsory public education, hundreds of agencies flourished in the first three decades of the twentieth century. 

Southern Teachers Agency, originally located in Columbia, SC, was a leader amongst them.  William Jones, the founder, was instrumental in assembling a regional association of southern agencies and then a national association (the National Association of Teachers' Agencies) in 1915.  With the help of his nephew, Henry Forbes, Southern Teachers expanded to include branch offices in Chattanooga, Richmond, Memphis, and Louisville.

1909 Pamphlet by Southern Teachers

The Great Depression took a heavy toll on the teacher-placement industry, but Southern Teachers survived.  In particular, the Richmond office, led by Susan Forbes Guess (the daughter of Henry) and her husband Doug Guess proved especially long-lived.  When Mr. Guess died, Bob and Virginia Goodman--both career educators--bought the agency in 1981.  Their son Carey took over in 1997 and moved the office to its current location in Charlottesville, VA, in 2000.

Over five generations in two families, Southern Teachers has proudly served schools and educators.  Though we've made many changes in the agency's operations, we have deliberately and diligently preserved the level of personal service that has been the defining characteristic of Southern Teachers over the years.

1932 Book by Southern Teachers
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The agency provides a free service to candidates seeking jobs in private/independent schools. We are the only agency dedicated to work in the South and we have placed far more teachers in our region than any other service.

Our second century of service to educators in the South looks bright, primarily because of the talented individuals now working for the agency. Below are brief biographies of our counselors, consultants, recruiters, and staff.